Board of Trustees, Officers, and Staff

The Community Coalition on Race is run by a volunteer, racially representative Board that includes ex officio representatives from both municipalities.  The Board holds ten regular meetings a year on the fourth Thursday of the month.  For minutes of past meetings, click here.

Executive Director: Nancy Gagnier
Program Director: Audrey Rowe
Office Administrator: Lorry Ripley


Executive Committee

Kelly Quirk, Chair Abigail Cotler, Vice Chair
Carol Barry-Austin, Vice Chair Ed Stuart, Vice Chair
John Kerner, Vice Chair

Board of Trustees

Donna Coallier* Marty Remy
Tegan Culler Jocelyn Ryan
Vic DeLuca*  
Jeremy Dobrish Erin Scherzer
Antoine Green Liz Testa
  Moya Titus
Kristen Lisanti
Barbara Velazquez
Janice Lynn Renee Wills
Kristin Mahoney Allison Ziefert
Robert A. Marchman  
Rhea Mokund-Beck  
Mikki Murphy  
Fred R. Profeta, Jr.  

*ex officio members