Board of Trustees, Officers, and Staff

The Community Coalition on Race is run by a volunteer, racially representative Board that includes ex officio representatives from both municipalities.  The Board holds ten regular meetings a year on the fourth Thursday of the month.  For minutes of past meetings, click here.

Executive Director: Nancy Gagnier
Program Director: Audrey Rowe
Office Administrator: Lorry Ripley


Executive Committee

Robert A. Marchman, Chair Carol Barry-Austin, Vice Chair
Catherine Cronin, Vice Chair Kelly Quirk, Vice Chair
Ed Stuart, Vice Chair  

Board of Trustees

Lee Boswell May Fred R. Profeta, Jr.
Colleen Breslin Erin Scherzer
Catherine Cronin Reynaldo Tapia
Abigail Cotler Barbara Velazquez
Tegan Culler Meredith Sue Willis
Dean Dafis*  
Nina Essel
Leila Gonzalez Sullivan  
David Harris
Summer Jones*  
John Kerner  
Stephanie Lawson Muhammad*  
Kristin Mahoney  
Rhea Mokund-Beck  

*ex officio members