Forming a Neighborhood Block Association

The Neighborhood and Civic Engagement Committee of the South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition is available to help you organize a new association, revive an old one, or connect you with an active association. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Start with a small group (3-10) and form a planning committee
  • Determine the boundaries of the neighborhood (Click Here for Neighborhood Association Map )
  • Develop a complete list of neighborhood residents
  • Determine neighborhood interests and issues that need addressing
  • Plan the initial meeting (“pot luck”, barbecue, an informal coffee or an issue-oriented meeting) and invite neighbors
  • Divide responsibilities like creating an invitation, delivering fliers, tracking responses and food coordination to encourage broad participation
  • Neighbors are about sharing, so ask for contributions of food and beverages
  • Keep records of participants and their contact information, money spent and minutes of meetings
  • Regularly communicate information about your new association through a newsletter (printed or electronic), e-blast or a simple web page
  • Ask the Community Coalition to host a web page for your group (click here to see some sample web pages)
  • If your event is a Block Party, visit the Township Clerk’s office at least one month before the event to register for a permit to close the street
  • Read here about some Neighborhood Association success stories!

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