MERT & the Demographics Report

"Tracking our integration levels–in the towns, in neighborhoods, in schools and classrooms, on boards, among leadership, and in businesses–helps us work toward stable racial integration"

The Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, & Testing (MERT) Committee serves to identify baseline data and methods for assessing the state of stable integration in various areas of the community, including residential and school integration. It also assesses racial representation in on boards, committees, and staff of public entities and monitors home sales activity, rental activity, housing prices.

This committee has been responsible for the demographic research and report development since 2015 that has provided the township leaders, school district leaders, and residents with important information on the state of racial integration in our towns, neighborhoods, and schools. The information collected serves to inform the Coalition's broader integration work which has included partnering with Seton Hall to undertake a survey of Black SOMA residents to learn more about why they moved here and what they think stops other from doing so; developing a targeted marketing program; working with realtors; working with neighborhood associations to address residential concerns; working on community policing; and advocating for school and classroom integration and a diverse teaching staff. 

This committee meets monthly on Mondays. Interested in research and analysis? Join the committee by completing the Volunteer Form here.

Demographic Reports:

2022 Demographics Report

2019 Demographics Report

2016 Demographics Report

For the Schools portion of the report, including an overview of School district efforts to resolve racial integration and/or population changes since the 1970’s, click here.