Using pro-integrative strategies to support stable racial integration in our towns’ neighborhoods, this group works with realtors, gives tours to prospective home-buyers, and oversees a Home Maintenance Loan in support of strong and attractive neighborhoods.

The Residential Committee supports diversity and inclusion in the two towns by encouraging interaction among neighborhood residents and increasing participation in civic activities, including township committees. Below are the subcommittees and work strategies for the Residential mission focus area; click on the links for more information:

The Pro-integrative Financial Incentives Committee explores and develops programs that use a variety of incentives to support pro-integrative real estate activity. The committee oversees the current Home Maintenance Loan Program.

The Realtor Advisory Group is made up of real estate professionals who work as advisers to the Coalition. In turn, the Coalition sponsors an annual summit with community leaders (e.g., mayors, elected officials, superintendent of schools, police chief) who present on topics of particular interest to realtors.