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This year we are proud to have celebrated the organization's 25th anniversary. We honored that milestone with a look back how the Coalition on Race started, the conflicts and controversies the organizers faced, and with a retrospective on how it has grown to face ongoing and new issues in integration and equity. Be sure to tune into Light the Way, the podcast series, to hear more.

We were especially excited to present on the topic of reparations, support the establishment of a task force in NJ to research reparations, and to launch the Wealth Gap Equalizer Loan, all of which are critical efforts to address home ownership disparities locally. We honored Dr. King and lit luminaries throughout the towns and we celebrated Juneteenth.

We continued our advocacy for the adoption of the Amistad and AAPI school curricula and held our annual Conversations on Race, this year organized by the Schools Committee on the timely and important topic of Critical Race Theory. We also brought people together at a Neighborhood Summit, in Integrated Art Circles, in anti-racism trainings, and to discuss community safety and policing. We finished 2022 with the release of and presentation on SOMA demographics with a focus on changes in diversity and integration

Have a look at this work and more in our 2022 Annual Report below. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we thank all the volunteers, donors, and event attendees--you make change possible!

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