Annual Reports

The legacy of racism in America was on stark display throughout 2020 in all areas of life including politics, education, healthcare, policing, arts and culture, and more.

Whether in person or virtually, the Coalition on Race rose to the local challenges presented in 2020 by remaining steadfastly committed to ending racial injustice and promoting true racial integration.

We know that grassroots work in racial justice will not solve the national racial wealth gap, health disparities, the academic achievement gap, or employer biases. We do know, however, that providing a community that is integrated, where people of color can expect equitable treatment—from home purchases, to neighborhoods, to schools and classrooms, to treatment by police—is a critical start to undoing the ways in which racial disparities are reproduced and amplified.

We are inspired every day by our community of supporters, volunteers, event attendees, donors, local service organizations, and township partners. You help make racial integration, equity, and inclusion the defining characteristic of our community and you give us hope that our mission is achievable.

During 2020, as we adjusted to virtual life, we are proud to have engaged 5000 individuals  in programs and advocacy work; delivered 30 free public programs addressed race, racism, and racial equity; developed and distributed 3400 COVID19 Resource Guides & support flyers shared in 3 languages; and had 200 volunteers worked with us including 85 first-time volunteers. 


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