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For 25 years, the Community Coalition on Race has ensured that our two towns remain committed to being a racially integrated, inclusive, and equitable community. This essential work has not only endured, but has evolved to meet the challenges of our time.

Creating and sustaining a racially integrated and equitable community is a dynamic endeavor—one that needs persistence and fresh approaches. One of our most innovative current projects is the creation of a Wealth Gap Equalizer Loan and a grant program to support historically disadvantaged homebuyers.

Throughout 2021, we brought the community together to learn and to build relationships in ways that are responsive to community needs. Plus, we advocated for integrated schools and classrooms, practices that prioritize educational equity, highlighted youth voices, and began analyzing 2020 census data for updates in residential integration.

Have a look at this work and more in our 2021 Annual Report below. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we thank all the volunteers, donors, and event attendees--you make change possible!

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