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Maplewood and South Orange are racially inclusive towns in a region of racially isolated communities, in a state and a nation that have seen growing racial segregation in both schools and residential patterns in the last forty years. While our towns have enjoyed a higher measure of diversity than most regional suburban communities, the sustainability of our racial integration needs our continued intentional work. 

The results of the Coalition's demographics research in 2019 gave new urgency to the initiatives the board of trustees  established just the year before: 1) to strengthen the community’s commitment to racial and cultural inclusion of all people of color by challenging the community power structures (government, school system, realtors, businesses, media, key leaders) to rectify disparities; and 2) to ensure the sustainability of racial integration by supporting the current population of Black people and by developing strategies to increase the rate of Black in-movers.

Consequently, we initiated a marketing approach in 2019 that supports sustainable racial integration. We geared our advocacy work toward dismantling community dynamics, policies, and practices that create and uphold racial inequity. And, we held vital events like Conversations on Race, Coffee House Discussions, Integration through the Arts, and Talking to Children about Race, creating safe spaces for all voices to be heard, and raising consciousness on issues like racist language, implicit bias, white privilege, and the need for integrated schools.

Going beyond our planned programs, we addressed emerging needs in collaboration with other local groups and leaders on issues like community-police interactions, creating a unified response to hate groups, and launching a year of communal learning based on the 1619 Project.

We are proud to have held nearly 40 dialogues, trainings, presentations, and celebrations that reached over 3000 people in 2019. Take a look inside at the highlights ...


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