Marketing Communications

"Stable racial integration relies on the power of promoting the benefits of a diverse and inclusive community to potential home-buyers, business owners, and visitors."

Promoting the welcoming and inclusive nature of our towns to potential home-buyers, and raising local, regional, and national awareness for the Coalition’s mission and programs are the goals of this group. Volunteers with writing, design, marketing, web and social media skills work with a professional publicist to identify target audiences and publications for placing promotional ads, develop stories, oversee our website and social media marketing, and support Coalition events with outbound communications. To join the committee, click here for more information.

Below are the committee’s oversight areas:

Public Relations: we work with a professional publicist who pitches stories to regional and national media

Targeted Marketing: we develop materials and research outlets to attract prospective home-buyers of all races to grow our diversity. is one of our current targeted marketing efforts.

Website: design and function updates, blog post writing, analytics, and more.

Digital communications:

Print Publications

Graphics Design