1619 Commemoration

1619 Project: We hosted a vigil to honor the 400th anniversary as an opportunity to intentionally remember that four hundred years ago, a ship carrying enslaved peoples from Africa arrived in Virginia, forever transforming the foundation of the United States. The vigil included statements and teachings from local leaders, as well as student participation through music and testament. This event marked the launch of a “Communal Year of Learning.” Read coverage of the event on Tap SOMA.

Many thanks to the speakers and participants: Rev. Terry Richardson and his congregation for providing First Baptist Church as the gathering space; Rev. Forrest Pritchett of Seton Hall University, Rev. Elizabeth Testa, Rev. Brenda Wheeler Ehlers, Mayor Vic De Luca, Village President Sheen Collum, Coalition Chair Robert Marchman, First Baptist choir led by Nadeen Richardson, and The Unaccompanied Minors from CHS

Many thanks also to the planning team: Patricia Canning, Tina Kelly, Elizabeth Testa, Audrey Rowe, Peri Smilow, Nahela Hadi, Brenda Wheeler Ehlers, and Marietta Zacker.

Inaugural discussion group of the first article/podcast form the published 1619 Project is now scheduled for Thursday, November 14th, 7 pm, at Maplewood Memorial Library. Visit our Events tab to RSVP.

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