'Luminaries in Action' Brings SOMA Together

Blocks and neighborhoods throughout South Orange and Maplewood came out with candles and lights in hand on the two month anniversary of the pandemic quarantine to share a moment of community solidarity. This luminary event was a way to reflect on and honor all those who have been impacted by COVID-19, give thanks to essential workers, and share hope for a safe and healthy future. In addition to the lights, bells throughout the towns rang out at 8 pm, and the community was invited to watch the Let Us Be the Light video produced by Columbia High School student Alex Ferrandiz.

The Luminary Project takes place each year on the evening of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday as a sign of our commitment to his vision of the beloved community. Nearly 1400 homes were shining luminaries back in January of 2020. Only six weeks later, we were in quarantine. The Luminary Project team leaders saw the need for us to come together again, shining the light in this difficult time in a moment of unity. 

Watch the amazing video that captures how we can be the light here:

Thanks to all who participated! 




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