The Institute of Human Development and Social Change Partnership Development Seed Award Program

Hands in a huddle.We are excited to announce that we will be the beneficiaries of a seed grant award from the Institute of Human Development and Social Change (IHDSC) Partnership Development Program. Dr. Diane Hughes, professor of Applied Psychology in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Development, and Education, along with her doctoral student Blair Cox, applied for this collaborative grant to work with the Coalition and specifically the Schools Committee. The goal of the application is to lay the groundwork for a sustainable long-term relationship with the Coalition generally, and the Schools Committee specifically, that would contribute to the Coalition’s interest in empirically assessing community needs and Coalition impacts and to using research-based information to address the problems in practice for promoting integration and justice within this communities’ schools.

Dr. Hughes’ program of research, based on the Learning Race Lab she directs at NYU, investigates how children and adolescents make meaning of race based on what they observe, experience, hear, and are told in their families, schools, neighborhoods, and other spaces. Most recently, the lab has focused on (a) how to support parents in having conversations about race with children and (b) how children learn about race and racial dynamics from patterns they witness (racial regularities), especially in schools and communities. Due to the synergy between these research foci and CCOR goals, we (the lab and the CCOR) have been discussing potential research partnership possibilities to (a) formally assess community and school perspectives and needs regarding racial equity and integration (b) empirically evaluate school and community policies and initiatives, including implementation successes and challenges; and (c) develop empirically grounded (and evaluated) programming for parents, students, district administrators and school staff regarding children’s racial learning that can be incorporated over the long-term. These goals require planning, coordination, and funding.
We look forward to gaining new insights that will inform our advocacy and our practical approaches for integrated and equitable schools. 

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