Juneteenth Celebration 2019


Juneteenth 2019

Juneteenth, an African American holiday marking the end of slavery, was celebrated on Sunday, June 9th, 2019 at the Durand-Hedden House in Maplewood. The event included performances and many activities for adults and children. To learn about the history of slavery in New Jersey, visit Durand-Hedden House's exhibit honoring Juneteenth. To make an appointment to view the exhibit, call 973-763-7712 or email [email protected].

Thanks to Joy Yagid for these photos!


Juneteenth2019-display_of_youth_art.jpg     Juneteenth2019-Crowd_enjoys_Dance_performance.jpg          





Juneteenth2019-CHS_Special_Dance_performs.jpg  Juneteenth2019-Panels_tell_NJ_Slavery_story.jpg     




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