Prof. Hodges Discusses African Americans in New Jersey's History

Professor Hodges shared highlights from his recent book, "BLACK New Jersey: 1664 to the Present" that brings to life generations of courageous men and women who fought for freedom in this state during slavery and battled racial discrimination in more recent times.

Colgate University professor and historian Graham Russell Gao Hodges spoke to Columbia High School students in two special sessions and gave a presentation to the greater community in the evening in which he discussed the courageous black men and women who fought for their freedom and eventually built a sturdy and substantial middle class throughout the years in New Jersey. He explored how the state’s unique mix of religious, artistic, and cultural traditions have helped to produce such world-renowned figures as Paul Robeson, Cory Booker, and Queen Latifah, as well as a host of lesser-known but equally influential New Jersey natives. He also discussed the history of set backs in racial progress and the obstacles presented by laws and institutions throughout the history of the state. 

Check back soon for a link to the video of the evening presentation!

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