We Honored Dr. King

This year marked the Coalition on Race’s 20th Annual MLK Observance and it took place virtually during the ongoing pandemic restrictions and in the aftermath of a white supremacist insurrection in our nation’s Capitol. We are so grateful to the students who shared their powerful and provocative ideas, to speaker Andrea McChristian of the NJ Institute for Social Justice, to composer and music professor Mark Miller, Special Dance of Columbia High School, the Coalition Youth Collective, Greg Bufford of the Bufford School of Music, to all the singers and performers, and to our town leaders for providing this important opportunity to reflect on what community means in times of crisis. Many thanks go to our MLK planning committee and to the Allison Ziefert Real Estate Group for sponsoring the event.

We reached nearly 2000 viewers—if you missed it, you can watch the observance here.


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